We Teach You to Manage Your Business from Any Device, No Matter Where You Are

Our Mission

It is our mission is to create tech-savvy businesses in our community by providing enriching technology training courses that supercharge productivity, enhance collaboration and streamline communication between friends, family and coworkers.

Company Overview

Mind to Medium is a technology training company for small businesses and individuals that inspires people to learn technology for productivity in both their personal and business lives. Creating a simple and affordable learning environment is our goal. We provide courses that focus on teaching new technology and software to apply these tools into real world business and personal practices.

Founder: Joshua Curtis

Joshua has an extensive background in computer training and passion for empowering folks through skills in technology. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, worked at Dreamworks Animation, was the director of a technology camp and worked at Apple as a trainer. His passion is teaching people how to use technology so they can be savvy on-the-go with the business tools of today, empowering them to work from anywhere, on any device. He loves to research technology trends and teach businesses how to integrate new technologies into their current workflow and how to turn their workflow mobile.